Free Sampele Terms

Free Sample Terms

ONE WORLD is committed to providing customers with industry-leading high-quality wire and cable materials and first-class technical services.

You can request a free sample of the product you are interested in, which means you are willing to use our product for production testing.
We only use the experimental data you are willing to feedback and share as the verification of product characteristics and quality, and then help us to establish a more complete quality control system to improve customers' trust and purchase intention, so please rest assured.
You can fill out the form on the right to request a free sample!

Application Instructions

1. The customer has an international express delivery account or voluntarily pays the freight (the freight can be returned in the order)
2. The same institution can only apply for one free sample of the same product, and the same institution can apply for up to five samples of different products for free within one year.
3. The sample is only for wire and cable factory customers, and only for laboratory personnel for production testing or research.

Free Sample Request Form

Fill in the form below with your sample needs. ONE WORLD professional technical engineers will contact you within 24 hours.

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According To Your Needs,customize For You,And Provide You with Morevaluable Products.